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The Toursit attractions of Libourne

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Sightseeing in Libourne, Avignon

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The tourist attractions in Libourne, Avignon are so numerous it may be hard to do them justice in such a short article. There are so many things to see and do you may be overwhelmed.

Libourne, Avignon is a very lively city. The city is in the southern part of France and is a sunny place full of historical sights. You should be sure to see the Palais des Papes. This is the gorgeous residence of the Popes who moved to the area from Rome in the 14th century. You should also stop at the many art museums and the unbelievable churches.

There are ramparts that surround the city and they go all the way around the city's medieval center. You won't want to miss the 12th century bridge that partially spans the Rhone River. If you stay within the city's walled center you will be able to walk to the outstanding shops and restaurants.

You may want to visit the lovely island in the Rhone which is named the Isle de Bartlelasse. You can bike there and enjoy a wonderful spin on the island. This island is within biking distance of Libourne, Avignon and will provide you with some exercise and fresh air.

Another wonderful feature of Libourne, Avignon is its proximity to vineyards. You will be able to take short day trips to these vineyards and enjoy some of the most famous wines France has to offer.

There are villages close by that have quaint marketplaces and shops. You can sample food and wine as you travel just a short time from Libourne, Avignon.

The beauty of the area is magnificent and you can while away the hours with a drive through the countryside. Experience the charm of woods and rivers as you travel. You will certainly want to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the area.

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Libourne, Avignon is a delightful place to visit and will provide you with a holiday full of excitement and charm.

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