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"The Spirit of Romania" or an attempt to brand a country

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "Romania"' Eastern European poverty' Gold Medal Gymnasts' Dracula'

One of the last things you might think of is travel and tourism, and a small Romanian based advertising company aims to change that with the help of a daring project ' The Spirit of Romania.
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Take several images signed by incredibly gifted photographers, mix them with catchy stories, travel journals, add a little bit of passion and voila! You have the perfect recipe for digitally branding a country as an amazing and unique travel destination.

This past June, Spirit Ad, a small, start-up advertising company located in Bucharest, Romania, launched the first stage of an online campaign meant to brand a country. A web site found at that aims to show people a different side of Romania. It aims to show the beauty hidden inside this country that would make travelers tell their friends back at home that YES, this was definitely THE TRIP of my life.

The best people to promote a travel destination are of course the travelers that visited it. With that in mind, the website combines unbiased opinions and journals of the travelers who visited Romania with stunning images signed by some of the best Romanian photographers, and in depth articles covering from wide-known travel destinations to out of this earth places hidden only in the photographs of the lucky ones.
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Another goal is to promote Romanian photography, and to that end you will find the largest online stock photography gallery with images exclusively devoted to Romania. These striking photographs show the natural beauty of a land few people know about. Until now.

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