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The Exuma Islands Of The Bahamas

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The Exuma Islands, a collection of 365 tiny islands collected under one name, which are part of the many islands that make up the legendary vacation destination known as the Bahamas, offers a prime example of what an out of the ordinary Bahamas vacation can be. It shows off the very best of the Bahamas, that parts that are often outshined by the glitter and gleam of its luxurious casinos and tourist centers. The Exuma Islands have history, culture, a deep regard for nature and a splash of adventure.

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Great Exuma Island is the largest of the Exuma Islands and the location Exuma's capital city, George Town. Great Exuma Island is home to some of the island group's most interesting historical sights.

Patience House and the Shark Lady of the Exumas is an unusual museum and shop located in the home of Gloria Patience. Past 80 years old, she once met the Queen of England, barefoot with shell bead around her ankles. It's easy to imagine that she held her head just as high then, barefoot before the Queen, as she does now. Rumored to have caught more than 1,500 sharks, she is a formidable character, and presides over the amazing items she has collected through the years with a regal bearing quite her own. Her guided tours through her museum home provide a wealth of historical information and she is a fascinating and warm person.

Another historic site on Great Exuma Island is the Bowe Family Plantation. Today, this former cotton plantation lies in ruins, though in its remains, one can achieve a clear picture of the structural arrangement of the house, including the kitchen and the slave quarters.

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Also on Great Exuma Island are two cemeteries of historical importance. One is the Rolle Town Tombs. An overseer and his wife, from the time of slavery, are buried here. There are a couple of interesting bits of island history associated with the surname Rolle. The name arrived on the island in 1783, carried by the slaves that plantation owner Denys Rolle sent from Florida for the cotton plantation he owned, but chose not to reside at. Because slaves were known by the surname of their master and after the Emancipation, many people kept the surnames they'd grown accustomed to, the Rolle name now belongs to more than half of the native population.

The other cemetery, called the Hermitage, dates back to the 1800's. Located 8 miles away from the capital city of George Town, using a guide will help to get the full effect of this marvelous site.

The vast Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park expands over 176 miles. This nature reserve is a fun and fascinating place, with fine beaches and a wide variety of wildlife. It has also played an important role in local nature conservation efforts.

The islands are wonderful for exploring underwater, with many caves and reefs for snorkeling and diving and there are many day tour packages available for these activities. Chartered boats for fishing excursions are also available, and at reasonable rates.

The Exuma Islands are an excellent vacation destination. This area truly demonstrates the very best of Bahaman qualities.

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