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Tanzania: Saadani National Park : Elephants Frolic In The Sun

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This park is only 100km north of Dar es Salaam. Saadani is where the bush meets the sea. This colorful clash of ecosystems is found nowhere else along the coast of East Africa. Imagine this is the place where the hippopotamus compete with coral reefs, lions roar at the surf and baboons race along the beach. Elephants have even been spotted enjoying the surf.

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Your hotel room not only looks out over the African bush but it also has a sea view! This park has only recently been gazetted as a National Park and was once a coconut plantation. Game viewing is in open 4x4 vehicles, however, walking safaris are allowed in the Forrest and on returning from your walking safari to your hotel - take off your boots ' and have a refreshing walk in the surf. There are only a very few locations where walking safaris are allowed in Tanzania and this is one of them and this park also boasts a special night walk trail.

There are green turtle nesting sites along this beach. Wami River safari is a wondrous experience entering the river from the ocean is a truly unique experience. There are canoeing safaris on the Mafui River that offer blissful bird watching opportunities.
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There are a number of small islands dotted along the coast line and snorkeling and swimming in the warm crystal seas is part of the Saadani experience. There are also cultural visits to a number of community projects in the area.

This is a most unusual destination and well worth considering when you plan a trip to Tanzania.

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