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Sweep Her Off Her Feet with a Last Minute Cruise

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Sweep Her Off Her Feet with a Last Minute Cruise

Finding the perfect gift for the woman you love can be difficult, especially when the occasion warrants something really special. May we suggest surprising her with something that's sure to delight her, something that she'll never guess' Book a last minute cruise and whisk her away for a weekend or a week of romance on the high seas! It's the ultimate vacation for two, and one she'll remember for a lifetime.

In fact, a last minute cruise is the height of romance ' a grand gesture that has everything that a great romance needs ' sunshine filled days, moonlit nights, fine dining, dancing, pampering, glamour and exotic locales. Doesn't it sound like the perfect gift for her'

There's nothing as romantic as a cruise for those special moments

A cruise vacation is a great way to tell her you'd marry her all over again with three or more days of luxury, relaxation and pampering. And with last minute deals, you'll have plenty left over to buy her something special at one of the great shops at your destination, whether it's the Caribbean, Mexico or the South Pacific.

Thinking of proposing' Check into booking a last minute cruise, tell her to pack for a long weekend, and then sail into the sunset with her on a luxury liner. After a day of sunning on golden sandy beaches, snorkeling in pristine coastal waters and fabulous seafood, you can pop the question on the deck while a million stars reflect off cool waters.

Last minute booking means savings that you can use to set the scene perfectly. Chilled champagne, soft music, roses'whatever you want to make the evening special. Cruise ships are considered the height of luxury living for good reason ' they cater to the wishes of every passenger, so let the captain know when boarding that this is going to be a special trip ' he'll be sure to see that everything is perfect for you!

Silver and golden anniversaries are also wonderful reasons to book a last minute cruise. If you've raised the children and have an empty nest, it's even easier to get away for a sea voyage, and with the great discounts you can get by booking a last minute cruise, you can extend your trip to by several days for the same price. In fact, for the cost of what would normally be a three to four day cruise, you may be able to whisk your darling away for a week to ten days of ocean breezes, scrumptious food and wines and fabulous scenery!

Last minute cruise bargains surround you in luxury

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There's something so romantic about not worrying about your wallet when you're romancing your fianc'or wife, isn't there' With so many things to do on a cruise, the two of you will certainly want to try lots of things, and having saved so much on the cruise itself, you can splurge on some great extras. Some of the wonderful vacation activities you can enjoy together on these ultimate vacations aboard ship are:

- Fine dining in world-class restaurants
- Las Vegas style shows
- Gambling in the ship's casinos
- Dancing to live bands
- Moonlight strolls around the deck
- Luxurious day spa treatments

The romance of just the right destination

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The cruise is a vacation in itself, but the romance starts all over again when your ship docks at your destination. Whether you choose the Caribbean, Mexico or the South Pacific, you will discover that discounts abound on shore as well. These popular vacation spots offer fabulous deals from local artisans and crafters for you to take home with you.

Seafood and tasty local fare are inexpensive, exotic indulgences for both of you to share. Spend the afternoon wrapped up together in a hammock swinging in a tropical breeze under palm trees and you'll realize that a last minute cruise may be the greatest getaway you can give your loved one ' what's more romantic than an unexpected, grand gesture wrapped in warm, salt breezes and golden sunsets and delivered in ultimate luxury'

Trying something you've never done before can be a powerful bonding experience, and any cruise vacation provides the ultimate choice of new activities to try. Snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, rock climbing and scuba are just a few activities that you could try as a couple that will become cherished memories.

How do I pull off a last minute cruise surprise'

Check out the destinations, rates and departures for several different cruises, and then get ready to move quickly. Booking last minute cruises can net you big vacation discounts, but the spaces available fill up quickly, so you should get in the mindset that you need to make a decision fairly quickly if you spot the perfect trip.

There are a few things you'll want to take care of before you spring your romantic surprise on her so that she won't have to spend the few weeks leading up to her departure worrying. Once you have a few dates picked out, put them on hold if possible and start making some phone calls:

- Contact her boss and explain that you would like to arrange a few of her vacation days if possible. Explain that it is a surprise and ask him or her to keep the secret.

- Talk to her best friend to find out if any appointments are necessary. Will she want a pedicure a few days before leaving' Set one up.

- Let her parents in on the secret as well, but swear them to secrecy, too.

- Arrange for any pet care needed, including boarding of dogs or cats if necessary.

- If you have children, make the arrangements for them to stay with their grandparents or friends and swear them to secrecy. This will be the toughest sell ' kids have trouble with big secrets, but try!

- Check her date book ' if she has made any appointments or plans that will need to be rearranged, call and explain that you are planning a surprise trip, and that she may be calling later to cancel at the last minute. This will soften the news when she does call later to cancel her appointments.

- Get ready for some romantic days and nights on your last minute cruise that you won't soon forget!

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