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Spain's Beaches - You're Spoilt For Choice

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Spain offers the visitor over 4,000 kms of coastline where
s/he can enjoy shining sun and sapphire seas in wonderful

And what a choice of sands! Golden sands, white sands,
grainy sands, powdery sands, and even the black sands of
the Canary Islands!

Allergic to sand' No problem! Just plump for a resort
with smooth, white pebbles! You'll find a good selection!

Already holidayed several times by the Mediterranean' Then
why not try the fairy-tale fishing villages washed by the
Cantabrian Sea or Atlantic Ocean'

"Spanish beaches are the most environmentally healthy in
Europe" says the Foundation for Environmental Education,
which has awarded the much-coveted Blue Flag to 450 of the
country's beaches - more than any other participating

Leading the way within Spain itself is the Costa Blanca,
which received 48 Blue Flag awards. Then came the
Costa Dorada (37) and Mallorca (33).

The Blue Flag Campaign, which started in 1987, is owned
and run by an independent, non-profit-making organization
called the Foundation For Environmental Education, or FEE
for short.

The Campaign gives an exclusive, eco-label award (ie the
Blue Flag) based on compliance with 27 criteria spread
over four categories: water quality; environmental
education and information; environmental management;
and safety services.

The awards are made for one season only and if any of
the categories are not fulfilled during the bathing
season, or if conditions change over the season, the
FEE withdraws the awards.

So, where are all these 1,779 coastal bathing areas to
be found'

On Spain's mainland, there are 16 different "costas",
and then you also have the beaches of the Balearic and
Canary Islands.

And, what are the names of these 16 sensational costas'
Why not come to Spain and enjoy discovering them for

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