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South Tyrol - Italia

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Welcome to South Tyrol ' the home of incredible mountains and plenty of sunshine.
The small place in the Northern part of Italy borders to Austria and Switzerland, this is also one of the reasons why people are bilingual in this area. After the First World War the southern Tyrol became part of Italy. From then on people had to learn the Italian language of course. At the beginning it was not that easy for the two language groups to live together, which resulted in lots of revolts. Nowadays the problem is solved by a special autonomy which recognizes both languages. Some families are native Italian speakers; some families are native German speakers. Children learn from the early age at school both languages and grow up in a more or less bilingual world. But enough now about the history of South Tyrol, let me tell you about the wonderful contrasts of this special spot in Europe.
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South Tyrol, or

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