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Smokey Mountain Cabins - There Is Only One!

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Did you know there are no Smokey Mountain cabins for vacation rentals inside the Great Smokey Mountains National Park - except one! It is called Leconte Lodge. Even though the National Park Service Leconte Lodge is called a lodge, it also includes rental log cabins. These are the only cabins for vacation rentals inside the national park.

To get there, do you just hop in your car and drive up to the front door' No way! There is no road to these Smokey Mountain rental cabins. If you want to stay there, the only way in is by hiking! Talk about Smokey Mountain secluded cabins - it is a hike of over 5 miles if you are up to it. Lots of folks do just that, as this Smokey Mountain cabins facility fills up fast during the summer. Not only does it fill up fast, you may have to wait months to get a cabin reservation.

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Located at more than 6,500 feet elevation, these Smokies rental cabins are very popular. Prepare for a sponge bath. While there is running water for the toilets, there is no electricity. Kerosene lanterns will provide you with light. You will not be blow-drying your hair or watching reruns while here. It is life somewhat like it used to be many generations ago.

These Smokey Mountain cabins only have a capacity of up to fifty guests per night housed in either handcrafted log cabins or group sleeping lodges. The cabins have upper and lower double bunk beds, which are great for two couples or a family of four or five persons. Each of the larger cabin lodges can sleep from ten to thirteen persons.

For your Leconte stay, make sure you bring sturdy shoes that you have already broken in. Include more than one change of socks in case your feet get wet. Layered, lightweight clothing will give you the flexibility to add more or take it off as temperatures change. A warm sweater or jacket is advisable and a lightweight raincoat or poncho is absolutely essential. Nature shows no mercy for those unprepared for the sudden changes in weather. Summer nights can dip to 40 degrees or lower, while in spring and fall, night temperatures can drop into the teens with snowfall.

No need to bring suitcases and other cumbersome luggage. A light backpack should be what you use for your necessities since personal clothing and toiletries are all you really need. Remember, it is a 5-mile hike to enjoy these very special Smokey Mountain cabins.

The Great Smokey Mountain National Park is about half in North Carolina and half in Tennessee. Leconte Lodge is located on Leconte Mountain which is on the Tennessee side in the national park. But you will not know which state you are in. Does it really matter' You WILL know that you are away from civilization in a beautiful unspoiled mountain retreat. Whether you stay in Leconte Lodge or other Smokey Mountain log cabins outside the park, once you have been there, it is easy to see why the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the #1 visited national park in the USA.
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