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Shopping On Bahamas' Great Abaco Island

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For those who shop, either out of necessity or for sport, the Bahamas' Great Abaco will provide a shopping experience that is sure to satisfy. There are a wide variety of shops and fine stores, with many unique offerings.

Great Abaco Island is home to many stores selling quality perfumes, ranging from fine, classic scents to fabulous island originals. Abaco Treasures, found right at the Marsh Harbor stop light, is one of these stores. In addition to an array of perfumes, Abaco Treasures also carries fine china, crystal and a selection of gift items. John Bull sells quality perfume and cosmetics, including products by Iman and Lancome, in addition to Rolex watches and fine jewelry. Solomon's Mines, a duty-free shop, found right by the entrance to Abaco Beach Resort, carries high quality perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to better watches, including those by Tag Heuer and Patek Philippe and fine china.

Abaco Ceramics sells a broad range of pottery items, including their trademark design, white clay pots with blue fish. Iggy Biggy , easy to find, as it is housed in two bright pink cottages in Marsh Harbor on Queens Highway, offers a variety of island flavored clothing, sandals, jewelry and souvenir items. Island-style gifts, located in Royal harbor Village. Offers classic straw hats and woven baskets, in addition to household items, such as coasters and candlesticks ornamented with seashells and beautiful bed linens in quality natural fibers.

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Java in Acabo is an enjoyable shopping experience. It's meant to be a comfortable place, it's meant for browsing. They even have a paperback book exchange. Shoppers can enjoy a good cup of coffee or an iced latte as they take their time in examining the broad array of beautiful, artistic craftwork. There are many useful and unique items to be found in this shop in the Royal Harbor Village. There are pieced quilts with artistically wrought patterns in vibrant, rich colors, and several styles of pillows. There are ceramics and hand carved goods. Some of these are for practical use and others are more artistic in nature, but all are beautifully crafted, a pleasure to see and a pleasure to touch. There is also a variety of works created by local artists. The staff is knowledgeable about the inventory and happy to provide information about the local artists and crafters.

Johnston Studios Art Gallery is another good place to stop and browse for those in pursuit of art, though the works displayed and sold here are of a different nature. The gallery is a little less than an hour's drive away from Marsh Harbor, and features original creations in bronze, which are the works of the Johnston's. The gallery also carries a line of gift items and art prints.
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Shopping on Great Acabo Island is a pleasant experience, particularly in the smaller establishments where there is the opportunity for interesting conversations with local residents. The range of products available throughout the island is immense, from internationally known brands and designers at bargain prices to one-of-a-kind items produced by locals. It's a lovely way to spend the day.

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