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Oahu - The Heart of Hawaii

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If you haven't been back to O`ahu in a while, it's time to visit again! If you have never been, now's the time to go to this beautiful and fun island! Not only does O`ahu offer you the best value for your vacation funds, but there is truly something for everyone! Waikiki is still a busy happening place, but the O`ahu Visitor's Bureau and the county of O`ahu have done an amazing job of revitalizing this sizzling beachfront area. The walk along Waikiki Beach is beautiful, enjoyable and relaxing. Bronze statues of Duke, surfers connecting with sea life, and waterfalls dot the beachfront. In the evenings you can hear music playing as you enjoy a spectacular sunset!
O`ahu offers you numerous resort properties to suit any style or budget! This island offers you a diverse landscape, along with activities that focus on active lifestyles, health and wellness, spiritual rejuvenation, culture and art, or just plain relaxing and chilling at the famous Duke's located in the Outrigger Waikiki. The Outrigger Waikiki is one of our favorite Waikiki resorts. Sunset at Duke's' You just can't get any better than that!
We now have 2 - Level II O`ahu Destination Specialists on our staff. We are extremely proud of this certification! If you think this was just a course we took in the wee hours of the morning one day, think again! The O`ahu Visitor's Bureau shows the rest of the islands how to do it properly, so that we become experts! Being certified means that we have traveled to the island, no less than 1 week each time, taken part in intensive training, immersing ourselves in the various regions of the island, cultures of the land, and meeting with various service suppliers to give you a well rounded, unique itinerary custom made to suit your travel needs!

Plus we have been so thoroughly trained that we know all the cool local spots! During your visit, be sure to try local cuisine favorites, such as Huli Huli Chicken, and Malasadas. Oahu has a diverse range of food tastes offered everywhere on island! Of course, we also had to taste some local favorites! We know the best places for those too!
Let's talk for a moment about the myths surrounding this spectacularly beautiful island. It isn't the island of Waikiki, but the island of O`ahu, phonetically pronounced Long O-pause-Ah-who. Not O-WAH-Who! Say it slowly, and you will get a sense of the meaning of O`ahu. You stop to breathe in the warm aroma of the sea, (and maybe some Huli Huli chicken if you're lucky), your body starts to relax, and're on vacation! How many other places can instantly make you feel that way'
There are so many beautiful beaches on O`ahu that there is a beach for every taste. We can tell you the perfect choices for romantic, quiet spots, sunbathing, surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing, snorkeling, whatever your pleasure! We've checked them all out!
I must say that one of my favorite locations, if not THE favorite spot on the island, is the Turtle Bay Resort, located on the North Shore. If you want a resort property to get some peace and quiet time to relax, this is the resort for you! Of course, Turtle Bay also offers a wide variety of activities so it really is the best of all worlds. Restaurant choices range from the comfortable and casual setting of the Ocean Terrace, and Hang Ten poolside bar, to gourmet elegant dining at 21 Degrees North. All dining experiences are excellent not only in choices of food served, but also in the level of service from the dining staff, especially at 21 Degrees North. Every interaction with a staff member at this property is warm, friendly and welcoming. Turtle Bay is set on 880 ocean front acres, has five miles of pristine beaches, 12 miles of oceanfront trails, spa and fitness facilities, surfing lessons right off the shoreline, horseback riding, and more.
Need I say more' Yes' Okay! Championship golf courses, a wedding and event chapel, great for any special event, are among the many other amenities of this spectacular property! Even a vegetarian on an extremely strict diet, can enjoy mouthwatering entrees and desserts at 21 Degrees North. Oh the desserts! And yes I have a picture of that too! It's an escape from the every day hustle and bustle. An extraordinary experience. We plan on putting together golf groups as well as Health & Wellness groups at this property! If you are interested in being part of those groups, please do let me know.
We so love this island! So much O`ahu, so little time! Something for everyone!
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