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New Forest Holiday Cottage

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The Holiday Cottage is a building which occurs only relatively recently in terms of human history. Many factors have influenced it's rise in popularity over the last few decades, including increased leisure time.

A Holiday Cottage is usually self catering, meaning the people who rent the cottage for their stay run the house as if it were their own. This gives them the freedom to eat in, eat out, stay in bed all day and generally come and go as they please. In contrast to this, accommodation in a bed and breakfast or hotel usually involves some sort of restriction on the time of day guests need to vacate their rooms for cleaning and so on.

Young children and babies can be more easily accommodated for in a holiday cottage where the parents do not feel such pressure from other families (e.g. in a hotel resort) who may not have young children. The fact that guests are on holiday in a home together, often with three generations in larger houses, brings a much different atmosphere to the holiday.

Holiday Cottages are nowadays found the length and breadth of the U.K., with many destinations from town houses to forests.

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