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Mountain biking in Bali's Mount Batur

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There is no better way than to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bali than on a mountain bike. You not only get to cover areas where motor vehicles will not go, but get a good workout as well.

Instead of viewing Mt Batur from where the masses gather at Penelokan, a day trip bike ride would be ideal for the more sporty and adventurous traveler. You get a good close up of the Crater Lake within Mt Batur which makes the ride there highly rewarding. So leave your 4 wheel drive behind, mount your 2 wheeler and head down to Mt Batur. Ask for directions to the old road down the volcano from the friendly locals. The old road can be a little tricky getting down, but well worth the challenge. Once there, take your time to meander through the lava fields around the volcano. It's a little warm and barren at the start of the trip down, but as you get closer to the water, shady tree lined roads and ancient villages will cool you down.

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The ride around the volcano is fairly tiring and not for the faint hearted, but once you get to the lake, you'll be able to enjoy a picturesque ride along the shores of Lake Batur . Be sure to pack a sandwich lunch, but if you've got an iron gut, be adventurous and get a taste of the local favourites found at the little coffee shops that dot the shores of Lake Batur .

Alright, maybe a ride all the way from Penelokan to Batur might be a little much, so you might want to drive down the main road to the lake and do the ride along the shores and explore other trails. Or, you might want to hop in a boat from Lake Batur Jetty and cross the lake to the ancient village of Trunyan . It'll be a good day trip, so leave enough time. Head back in the afternoon to your hotel for a good rest and a well earned massage!

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