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Mexico Cruises - Fun in the Sun?

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Cruises. That word brings visions of sun, fun, food and maybe a hint of decadence. Now consider Mexico cruises... and add in the exotic, tropical, and a sense of the old world.

Mexico cruises come in a variety of shapes, forms and sizes. You can cruise the Pacific side of the country, or the Gulf of Mexico side. You can find cruise that stops at nearly every possible port or only at a select few. Some cruise itineraries may offer an extended stay in port that allows you to explore the countryside.

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But are Mexico cruises all fun in the sun' That answer is a qualified yes - as long as you do your homework.

The first thing to do is comparison shop. There are several major and a few small cruise lines that offer Mexico cruises. But, do any of them offer airfare included in the price' How many days and nights are the trips' Where exactly do they go'

Your quest for Mexico cruises will require research.

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