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Mazatlan Frank Tour Guide

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While we were in Mazatlan, we took a Copala and city tour with Mazatlan Frank. We looked forward to it very much because Frank was highly recommended. He picked us up in the morning and headed off to Copala. Copala is a delightful little village about 40 miles from Mazatlan on the mountains, which was once a thriving mining town.

During the ride, Frank kept us entertained with the history of Mazatlan, pointing out roadside interests, and best of all, his wonderful sense of humor. Frank's exceptional English, knowledge, charm and wit have made this tour so much more enjoyable.

Along the way to Copala, we made stops to see handmade bricks, tiles and potteries (incredible!!), beautiful hand-carved furniture (my wife had to convince me we couldn't bring furniture home in the plane), and the freshest homemade bakery (yummy!).

Once we got to Copala, I was amazed by their arts and crafts. We spent some time browsing the town, and then off to this unique restaurant for a fabulous lunch, which included the famous, absolutely delicious banana coconut cream pie!

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With our tummies happily satisfied, we left Copala and continued on to the city tour with Frank. We were treated to the best sightseeing and shopping locations. That was a trip in itself.

Throughout the whole tour, Frank provided us with very informative history and information about Mazatlan. He is very well spoken, sociable, kept us laughing all day but at the same time, very professional. I think what made our tour so much more enjoyable is because Frank loves what he does. As a tour guide, you really have to like your job in order to make your customers happy, and that's Frank. He enjoys meeting people and his big smile is very contagious.

As an owner of a travel agency, I highly recommend Mazatlan Frank ( ) for any type of tour. We referred Frank to all of our happy customers.

Yvon Marier

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