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Lisbon and Portugal - History and Culture

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Portugal has always been known as the land to the left of Spain on the Iberian
Peninsula, caught among its traditional way of life - fishing and agriculture.
But thanks to the technology and the integration, Portugal's 91.985 km2,
of which 88.944 km2 correspond to the mainland territory and the rest to the
beautiful islands of the Azores and Madeira.
The country is divided into 11 regions, with 18 districts headed by a Governor
and these districts each have their own Town hall and Mayor.
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Since Early Times

At the beginning, Portugal was not differentiated from the northern part of
Spain called Galicia because it was a homogeneous cultural unit. The first
boundary stone was initiated in the Neolithic period when the Castrena Culture
began with fortified huts in a circular pattern topped with cone shaped straw
roofs. While in the fertile southern plains the Tartarians, Greeks and Phoenicians
started rich colonies, in the rough and granate like north of Portugal, the
Lusitanians presented their resistance. The Roman conquest put an end to this

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domain and for the first time in history, the Portuguese territory was separated
from the Galician. Braga was named the first capital of the Swabian kings who
reigned in Portugal from 408 to 585. Later the Visigods, who had been established
in Spain expanded their land into Portugal. But as all the Iberian Peninsula,
the Arabs extended their powerful arm and in 711 also reach the south. But
for unknown reasons, the Arabs left Portugal, only leaving behind their culture
and architecture.

But Henry of Borgona, who was Earl of Portugal and the father-in-law of King
Alfonso VI of Castilla had his own plans for Portugal and it was his son, Alfonso
Henry, after a decisive battle in Guimaraes was proclaimed King of Portugal
in 1128. From here, his successors extended the territory up until in the XIII
the Portuguese territory was completed.

In 1415, King Joao I wanted to conquer more lands and started a campaign into
the African territories. This impulse also sent Portuguese naval ships to occupy
Madeira in 1418 and the Azores in 1427. But they did not stop there, as we
all know they reached the Brazilian coast too.

Leaving Portugal without any heirs, Philip II of Spain, who was born from
the daughter of the king of Portugal, was proclaimed King in 1580. But in 1640
with the Treaty of Lisbon, Spain gave it its independence.

Coming up to more modern times, Portugal joined the Atlantic Treaty in 1949
and the United Nations in 1955. After having gone through many types of political
parties, Portugal nowadays is a stable country open to the world.

A Quick over view of Portugal

Portugal has a seducing enchantment and anyone who surrenders to it will never
regret it. The best way to see Portugal is to do it by car and very slowly.
By car because it is the most comfortable way to stop and see all the spellbinding
scenery that this amazing place has to offer. It is known as the country with
101 castle and we would like to see quite a few. Slowly, because the road ways,
not main highways, are very sinuous.

Lisbon capital and heart of Portugal

I would recommend starting out from

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