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Learn The Lingo Before You Go

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Before going on your next vacation or business trip abroad, consider learning some of the language that is spoken where you're going. You can get started learning easily and relatively inexpensively. Learning the local language can enhance your travelling experience, sometimes in ways you never thought of.

You can begin with just a few greetings and phrases, progress to a more 'survival vocabulary' level, or if you really like, you can go ahead and spend months studying the language in-depth. In any case, if you find you like speaking and learning the language, you can always expand on what you've learned at first and further your study.

Why learn the language' For one thing, it is easier to deal with the local people if you speak even a little of their language. Don't assume everyone speaks English. Numbers, greetings, directions and simple questions are not very hard to learn and are very useful. The locals will appreciate the effort on your part, and in fact, you may receive slightly better treatment than you would otherwise. In a perfect world that wouldn't be true, but every little bit helps.

Improving communication with the locals is important. By learning some of the language, you may reduce the possiblity of miscommunication. "Please", "Thank You", "How much is that'", "Where is ..." are all easy to learn and can go a long way toward friendly encounters. These phrases can be very handy for all the times you go to restaurants, buy something, take a taxi etc.

Travel is simply more fun when you speak the language. It's all part of the adventure. Learning the country, the people and the culture will expand your possibilities. By learning another language you can increase your social contacts and travel opportunities. Work, study and even retirement abroad all become more possible.

So, how do you go about starting to learn a new language' There are lots of different sources you can use to get started.

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