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Larimer County: A Great Place to Visit, A Great Place to Live

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Larimer County attracts millions of visitor each year ...
visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park, visitors to Estes
Park, visitors to Loveland and Fort Collins. Mountain
climbers and skiiers, hikers, bikers, car and camper
tourists all flock to the Mountains, or skirt the foothills
from Virginia Dale, down through Livermore, Fort Collins,
Loveland and Berthoud on their way to and from Denver and
Cheyenne. Prospective college students visit Fort Collins and
Colorado State University.

And a great many of those who come fall in love. In love with
the mountain vistas, in love with the healthy climate, in
love with the people whose Western style welcome makes
visitors feel instantly at home.

So thousands pack up and move here. For school, for health,
for a richer and less hectic life. The population grew by
over 35% between 1990 and 2000, and continues to grow ... yet
there are plenty of wide open spaces, with more than six
acres per person in the county.

Denver is just an hour drive away when you need the kind of
things only big cities offer. The county itself has mountains
and high fertile plains. Only a few hours north and west put
you in the high desert country in Wyoming, while a few hours
south and west put you in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.

The climate is surprisingly mild -- at least it comes as a
surprise to someone from Michigan or Minnesota to find that
the snow doesn't cover the ground all winter, except in the
high mountains, but comes and goes. And the summer evenings
are cool and comfortable. Summer days get hot on the plains,
but you have only to drive fifteen minutes into the mountains
to be refreshed (or turn on the air conditioning).

If you haven't visited Larimer County you should plan on
doing so at the first opportunity. If you are already
familiar with the area, you will no doubt find yourself
drawn back over and over. It's just irresistable.

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