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Honolulu or Santo Domingo Where Are the Best Prices?

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The white-sand beaches, impressive mountain ranges veined with spectacular rivers and waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife are just part of the Dominican Republic's appeal. Whether you're looking to party, relax or explore, the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer' except if you are carrying American dollars. The new president Leonel Fern'ez Reyna has overvalued the peso to the point that it is cheaper to take a vacation in the most expensive resort city in the USA'Honolulu Hawaii!

The local people can barely survive. Every day the dollar goes down and the prices go up. Gasoline is at over four dollars per gallon. Supermarket prices such as in Nacional and Super Polo make Hawaii supermarkets look like flea market in comparison to the high prices in the Dominican Republic. Yet people pack the supermarkets. Why' They have got to eat!

Forget about vacationing in the Dominican Republic until the country gets a more sensible government.

In the meantime check out Hawaii with wide beaches, waving palms and balmy weather, but Honolulu isn't just the tropical splendor you used to see on Hawaii 5-0. As the only US city located in the tropics, the only one with a royal palace and the only one that can claim an equal blend of Western, Asian and Polynesian influences, Honolulu offers visitors a cornucopia of cross-cultural attractions.
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