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Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe Island

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Guadalupe Island's 100-foot visibility is evident in its crystal-blue water. Unlike the Farallons or South Africa, Guadalupe Island has great visibility. This allowed us to see the great whites from a distance giving notice to get the cameras ready.

Our white shark encounters provided action from daybreak until sunset. Swimming slowly and cautiously around our shark cages were male and female white sharks ranging between the sizes of 12 to 16 feet in length. During close-up passes, the sharks looked directly at us, revealing the different color variations in their eyes. The center of their eyes is not black as described; they are actually brown. While staring into the eyes of one of the great whites, I noticed a thin, beautiful, blue circle. The great whites also have cones in their eyes. Animals having such cones are able to see different colors; therefore, it is likely that great whites also see color variations.

The water temperature at the island ranges between 70 ' 75 degrees Fahrenheit. A 7mm wetsuit with a hood and boots, or a drysuit is recommended for exposure protection. I used a ' inch wetsuit, but I plan on having a drysuit for next year's trip. Most of the participants wore wetsuits and were just fine---some were even a bit warm.

The last day of the trip we enjoyed an extensive visit from two California sea lions. Enchanting encounters to say the least---watching the ballet-like movement of the sea lions as they swim through the water. Next year's escorted trip to Guadalupe Island will be September 20- 24, 2004. The cost of the trip is $2,350 per person bunk quarters, and $2,550 for private stateroom. The adventure is worth every cent to see the ocean's apex predator up close and personal. For those who wish to come along for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity contact TerraSea Travel & Tours toll free at 1-800-403-8488 or visit their website at

TerraSea offers an array of adventures and expeditions. Travelers can chose from wonderful land-based hotels and resorts to liveaboards for the maximum diving. Our worldwide adventures encompass diving from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Divers can choose from wreck diving, diving on coral reefs, or high adrenaline action in close up encounters with pelagics: great white sharks, whale sharks, dolphins, whales, manta rays, great hammerheads and tiger sharks.

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TerraSea customizes individual and group tours for scuba diving travel adventures to fit your needs and desires. Their knowledge and expertise of travel and destinations provides first class service for a first class trip, and guarantees the lowest price with the best value.

TerraSea also offers land adventures where you can visit the Maya ruins, travel up river through a nature preserve encountering beautiful tropical birds and monkeys, go hiking through a rainforest, or explore the Australian Outback.

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