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Get a New Life Overseas

Accommodation In Scotland
Congratulations! You have chosen a really great destination for your holidays!

You can find B&Bs not only in almost every little village but also in very remote regions. There .....
How to find the courage and commitment to make your new life abroad a reality'

oAre you fed up with your mundane day-to-day working life'
oDoes the thought of getting out of bed in the morning when it is cold and dark outside depress you'
oAre you dreaming of starting a brand new life overseas'
oWould you like to find out how to make your dream life a reality'

A Great Motorcycle Ride In Mexico
Great Motorcycle Rides in Mexico


A beautiful ride across cities and places named World Heritage by the Unesco, through a .....
Research shows that at any one time more than half of us are dreaming of a new life overseas, but few actually succeed in making the transition from fantasy to reality ' I've done it, and I know others who have too, but at the same time whenever I speak to my friends 'back home' I hear the same old same old 'I wish I had your courage'', 'I wish I could do what you've done.'

It's true, to completely turn your life on its head and start your life all over again in a foreign country is an incredible undertaking. But those of us who have actually bitten the bullet and taken the chance have reaped the rewards.

The quality of life I now enjoy is unsurpassable! I left my 50 hour working week and 15 hour commuting week behind, I gave up the rainy grey days and I established my own business on one of the sunniest spots on earth! And you know what ' though at times it has been oh so hard ' I don't regret a single moment of what I've done!

So, would you like to know how to overcome your fears and practically deal with every stage of the planning that goes into getting a new life'

Would you like help in deciding where in the world is right for you and how to go about relocating to your ideal destination'

Start by exploring these five essential steps: -

Step One - stop asking yourself 'what have I got to lose' ' instead, start asking yourself 'what have I got to gain''

Le Havre, A Fishing Village
Le Havre is famous, not only within the region of Normandy but through France and the rest .....
Step Two - be honest with yourself about the type of person you are. Are new beginnings a thrill and challenge for you or does the thought truly scare you' Find your motivation for choosing a new life abroad and hold on to will get you through.

Step Three - choose the right country! Sounds mad' So, you've already fallen in love with a country' Well, there are a lot of countries for you to choose from! Decide what is important to you in terms of quality of life and then prepare a short list of countries that meet your requirements - does your dream destination meet all your requirements'

Step Four - visit the countries you've short listed. This may sound so obvious to many, unfortunately in my time as an expat in Germany, Austria, France, Cyprus and Turkey I've met many people who have made the move based on house prices or photographs and seriously regret their decision. You have to get a feel for the country before you make a commitment to it.

Step Five - remember that you can't run away from problems or who you are - problems, issues, debts and emotional baggage will follow you around the world! You'll still react the same way at home or abroad. Self knowledge is the key to your success in life. Problems always crop up, but if you can learn to live or deal with them before you go, you are far more likely to survive life abroad.

And finally, good luck and go for it!

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