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Ever been to Romania?

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About a year ago, two Romanian backpackers launched (pronounced "The Spirit of Romania"), a travel guide with a twist, meant to show you that Romania means a bit more than Dracula or football. Well, tourism authorities and travelers from all over the world, watch out: the site's summer-autumn 2005 version is alive and kicking for a couple of days now.

So, have you ever been to Romania'

If the answer is yes, then take a virtual trip to and lots of pleasant memories related to Romania will start flowing through your head. You'll find there a place where you can brag with your travel experiences, whether they're positive or negative, where you can share the pictures you took in Romania and last but not least, a discussion board where you can share your knowledge with travelers that are about to visit places you've just returned from.

If Romania was indeed one of your memorable travel experiences then the site will definitely grab you and turn you without even knowing it into a volunteer promoter of this country.

If you haven't traveled to Romania so far, then will offer you a free test-drive of what Romania's got to offer as a travel destination. You'll have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers from all over the world, to express your doubts and ask for advices, to read catchy stories and travel logs and to waste lots of time watching alluring images signed by travelers like you.

And finally, if you haven't traveled to Romania so far, nor you plan to do it in the near future, no problem, there's room for you too. "The Spirit of Romania" will provide you with probably one of the best ways to get rid of the everyday boredom, to spend (or waste, as you wish) some quality time and will definitely make the traveler in you scream for freedom.

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