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Enjoy Some Vacation Time at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach

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The Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach isn't named with the state of Alabama in mind, but rather with country group legends Alabama who started their career in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

When they'd had enough of the nomadic life, and wanted to set down more fixed roots, it was back to Myrtle Beach they returned and the Alabama Theatre Myrtle Beach was created.

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Built in 1991 on the Barefoot Landing complex, the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach offers a great place for an evening's entertainment. Throughout the year top country stars and other performers take to the Alabama's stage, but they have two main shows which make up the bulk of the ticket sales for the theatre.

Firstly there's the "One" show. This show is one for anyone who loves music! Showcasing songs across the entire spectrum of music, from bluegrass to Broadway hits and almost every genre in between, the show plays weeknights and Saturday nights throughout a major portion of the year and would be a great show to take the whole family to see!

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November brings a change of main show when the "One" show takes a break and the "One for the Holidays" takes over for a two month run. Billed as "The South's Grandest Holiday Show" this show hosts an array of special effects, talented performers, skilled backstage people who've all come together to produce a magical show which showcases the Holiday music people love in a new package that will entertain and enchant.

Sprinkled throughout the year are special performances by some of the most famous names in country music! During 2005 Kenny Rogers will take to the stage at the Alabama Theatre, as will one of the first ladies of country music Loretta Lynn.

Other performers will include Billy Rae Cyrus, The Drifters and The Temptations. Check out the

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