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Cave Adventures

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Have you ever gone inside a cave in your life' Or has cave adventures been one of your fascination'

Just in case some of you simply know what caves are and has never had any experience of going inside a cave, it is high time that you discover what mother earth has to offer you inside the caves - the wonders and fascination that it brings.

The state of Missouri in the United States of America, is also known as the cave state because of the many caves that can be found in this state.

One such cave worth visiting is the Meramec Caverns which is located in Stanton, Missouri. These caverns is so huge that even a house can be fitted inside. The caverns stretches several miles under the hills of the Meramec Valley.

The Meramec Caverns has both the largest and the rarest cave formations in the world. Not only can visitors find beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, the cave also has the rare grape-like mineral formations, the limestone "wine table", and a crystal clear underground river.
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First time visitors need not fear of the possibility of groping in the dark as guided tours are available. Although there are still portions of the cave which are not open to the public, the areas which are accessible to the public has been well developed with cemented walks, rails, and electrical light system. Yet some steps may still be slippery of which visitors have to be very careful.

Some of the developments inside the cave is the presence of its huge dancing hall which can host private events. Another is the presence of a restaurant inside the mouth of the cave including a souvenir store for its visitors.

Outside the cave, a park with a nearby river and camp grounds are available for outdoor activites such as swimming and canoeing.

Of course visitors have to pay an entrance fee into the cave. The fee is indeed worth the tour and visit. The location of the Meramec cave is about an hour drive from Saint Louis where visitors can find

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