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Berlin Shopping - The Harrods of Berlin

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Shopping in Berlin
Kauf Haus Des Westens: a fantastic shopping experience.

So you like to shop and you have been to some of the most exciting shopping places in the world. Have you ever shopped at Kauf Haus Des Westens in Berlin'

Kauf Haus Des Westens is like Macy's only in another country. If you are a shopper and you are planning a trip to Berlin, you will want to spend several hours at Kauf Haus Des Westens.

Kauf Haus Des Westens is a premier shopping experience. Kauf Haus Des Westens was established in 1907 and has been constantly remodeled. The eight story structure was severely damaged in the Second World War when a US bomber crashed into it. In 1950 only two floors had been reopened but today it has been beautifully restored.

Kauf Haus Des Westens is the largest department store on the European continent. It is called the department store of the West.

80,000 shoppers visit Kauf Haus Des Westens each day. The store has 2,400 employees, 26 elevators and 64 escalators. There are 380,000 items for sale at Kauf Haus Des Westens. It has been said that you can find almost anything you would ever want to buy at this amazing store.

Kauf Des Westens offers all the normal departments plus shoe repair and vacation planning. You can exchange currency, have your pet shampooed and if you need first aid there is a station right in the building.

One entire floor at Kauf Haus Des Westens is devoted to gourmet foods. There are 33,000 food items for sale.

The hours at Kauf Haus Des Westens are some of the longer hours offered at any shopping establishments in the country. This store does not close over the lunch hour and stays open until 8:00 on weeknights.

About the Author

I lived in Berlin for two years and learnt to behold the city's virtues. A wonderful blend where East meets West. I am promoting Berlin as a wonderful city to visit.

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