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Barcelona Spain - That Sensational Second City of Spain

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What more could you want out of life than a tremendous trip
to Barcelona'!

Second city of Spain and major Mediterranean port, bustling
Barcelona incorporates a delightful historic mix of Roman
remains, medieval quarters and 20th century avant-garde art.
It also possesses beautiful beaches nearby!

Nature lovers need not travel far to be able to hike through
hills that are part of the Coastal Mountain Range and
Catalonian Pyrenees.

Not only is Barcelona a tremendous artistic source, there is
also penty for the children to do. How they will love the
beaches that surround the city, the Aquarium, Zoo, Maritime
Museum, Museum of Barcelona Football Club, Olympic Stadium
and nearby theme park!

For shopoholics, the Barcelona Shopping Line will greatly

The velvet night vibrates with night clubs, discos, shows,
restaurants, bars, caf'... not to mention theaters,
cinemas, opera and classical music concerts.

Needless to say, Barcelona is a culture-vulture's dream come
true with most places of historic interest being situated in
the Old Town.

The Old Town spreads north-west from the harbor and, at its
heart, is the Gothic Quarter or Barrio G'o. El Arco de
Triunfo can be found there, plus the impressive Cathedral of
Ciudad Condal.

Adjacent to the Gothic Quarter is the Barrio de la Ribera,
also of medieval origin, where several historic buildings
have been turned into museums, such as the Palau Aguilar
which is, nowadays, the Picasso Museum.

The renowned Las Ramblas of Barcelona is a series of lively
streets that combine to make a broad avenue leading to the
harbor and Mediterranean Sea. What a superb atmosphere
they possess!

To the south-west lies the fortress-topped hill of Montjuic,
where the Barcelona Olympic Stadium and some fine museums
are located.

At the southern end of the Ramblas lies Barcelona Harbor and
Port Vell. This area now combines high-class restaurants
with trendy clubs and bars.

To be found in the central area of Barcelona (the Eixample)
are the fantasy works of Gaud'uch as Park G'Palau G'br>and Casa Mil'a Pedrera.
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However, Gaud's best remembered for the part he played in
the construction of the Cathedral of Barcelona - La Sagrada

So ... boomerang on over to Barcelona and get to know Gaud

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