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Arizona In All Its Colorful Glory

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Arizona is one of the most colorful places to vacation.
Between enchanting sunrises and sunsets and the colorful
fields, pine forests with the ever-changing climates and
moutain ranges that seem to change colors by the minute,
it is art for the eye.

There is much to do while in Arizona. Vacation activities
include golfing in world class courses, trout fishing,
hiking and canoesing . There are even areas where the
climate is such that you can water ski and snow ski on
the very same day.

A neat spot to sight see is the Apache Trail, which was
initially built in the 1930s to support the development
of the dams built by the Salt River. The drive is a
loop drive of 80 miles that is partially dirt. This
section provides the most amazing views of mountains with
dense forestry. Along the way, you will go by Fish Creek
Canyon. RV companies do not allow their vehicles to be
driven on this drive due to the way the road hangs on the
side of a very narrow, steep canyon.

Other destinations on the Apache Trail are the Goldfield
Mining Town, which is a re-creation of an old west ghost
town that existed over a hundred years ago. The Mammoth
Mine produced three million dollars worth of gold in the
years between 1892 - 1896.

Park lovers will adore The Lost Dutchman State Park for
exploring the mountains and hiking nature trails. There
are a small number of campsites and a picnic area.

Boaters and swimmers will love Canyon Lake with its clear
cool water and steep canyon walls. Camping and picnic
facilities are available here also.

Roosevelt Dam was originally built between 1905 and 1911
and restricts the water of the Salt River forming
Roosevelt Lake. This dam was considered the world's largest
"cyclopean-masonry" dam, which means it was created in
Greco-Roman style, using very large, irregularly shaped
blocks. It is covered by concrete today.

There are other stops to see here, such as Tortilla
Flat, another old-west style settlement and Apache Lake
formed by the Horse Mesa Dam. And we must not omit Tonto
National Monument. This 2 story ruin, called Sinaqua
Indian Cliff looks down upon Lake Roosevelt and is
a delight to view.

One of the more well-known places to visit is Sedona.
Beyond the beauty of this land, you will likely feel the
beauty of the people. This city is known for its artistry
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as many artisans have made their home here. Many of the
Native Americans consider the Sedona area a spiritual one
as they believe there is a vortex of energy coming from
the earth's electromagnetic fields.

Whether you believe there is truth to the ability of the
heart to be affected by this magnetic field or not, this
enchanted area is sure to feed your soul with its
atmosphere. Regardless of the time of year, Arizona has
something for everyone.
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