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Apartments are good for your Health

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Work-rate, health and even personal relationships may be affected if you stay in hotel accommodation for longer than 4 nights on business. Natalie Wakefield of The Apartment Service states her case.

Business Travellers will spend significantly more to secure a seat in the First Class cabin of an aircraft and the reasons are beyond question: they can catch up on work or stretch out and relax - and besides, haven't you heard of Economy Class Syndrome' Yet when they arrive at their destination, they will often stay for several nights, weeks or even months confined within the same four walls. "Let's call it Hotel Accommodation Syndrome."

When work takes you away from home for even longer periods - training courses, temporary or perhaps permanent relocation - the situation becomes almost grave. Individuals need a lot more than simply a pillow on which to lay their tired heads, although every little helps. They need to spread out, relax, just like in the aircraft. And with the restaurant and Room Service menus exhausted, they pine for the taste of home. Arguably worse still, work begins to suffer. More time and effort is spent escaping from the hotel room than on work, which has become disjointed and disorganised. Irritability sets in and relationships at work and at home both suffer.

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The problem with hotels is that they are for sleeping in. The business traveller, especially with family, needs somewhere to sit and relax, make a snack or a meal, have a meeting or spread out the paperwork. Serviced apartments will always offer much better value-for-money compared with a hotel, if public areas are less important to the guest. It is upon this cost-saving, that this very model is based. And what is good for the individual is good for the company.
Today, Executive Roomspace (ERS), a market leader in short term serviced apartments, ensures that business travellers can confidently book an apartment. Specialising in stays of 1-month plus where even greater savings are possible. ERS offer properties throughout Greater London, including, Canary Wharf, Clerkenwell, Fleet Street, Kingston, Marylebone, South Kensington, The City, Twickenham, Victoria and Wimbledon as well as throughout the Home Counties, the M4 Corridor to Swindon and Bristol beyond.

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By the very nature of the beast, the flexibility required to offer something different for every client makes it difficult to meet demands for a standardised and consistent product. At Executive Roomspace (ERS) they believe they have found the solution. Charles McCrow comments "ERS promises consistent standards together with a pledge that, should a client express dissatisfaction with the accommodation within 48 hours of arrival, alternative accommodation or a full refund will be offered - this offers complete peace of mind to both booker and agent".

The same value extends across the board and broadly speaking equates to a 30% saving on rates in hotels of a comparable standard. Branded apartment accommodation usually targets the mid-market, short to medium stay clients. The accommodation you can expect is functional with achievable rates of around '65 per person per night with possible discounts for weekly or monthly stays in a one-bedroom apartment, although lower rates are possible in a studio. At the upper end of the market, the rates will approximately double.

One of the major factors affecting savings in apartment accommodation is that the charges are per room and not per person. The apartment is already reasonably priced. Add to this the economies when you stay with a family of four or on business with a colleague in a two-bedroomed apartment and the savings increase still further. To achieve maximum savings for your specific requirements, it is advisable to contact one of the booking agencies providing expert advice in this area, as the benefits of their advice will out weigh any perceived savings of choosing an apartment and negotiating direct.

The serviced apartment market has emerged as a most cost-effective alternative to hotel accommodation and, at times the only option to consider. High in comfort, low in cost with complete consistency. Three C's that provide a good benchmark for anyone needing to stay, for whatever length of time, away from home, proving Vitamin C really is good for your health.

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