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Amazing Arizona

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A neighbor of ours said that after 20+ years in Arizona, they have finally finished visiting all the key state attractions. We didn't believe them. My wife and I have moved around quite a bit and each time we quickly exhausted our host states tourist resources. Not so with Arizona. Let me give you a couple of examples.

As new residents, we had to make the Sedona pilgrimage. Sedona is considered by many to be the center of the New Age movement. Allegedly, it contains several natural energy vortexes. So we had to visit just for the novelty of it. The first visit we spent the entire time visiting the main town shops. Even by the end of the day we hadn't exhausted the possibilities. On our second visit to Sedona, we went directly to Tlaquepaque ,a wonderful Spanish hacienda containing some of the best art in the region. Despite half a dozen visits to Sedona since then, we still haven't sampled the New Age offerings. Each visit we have seen something new.

Not too long ago, my wife and I did a quick tour of the central part of Route 17, the main artery linking Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff. We stopped off at Arcosanti, the inspiration of the world renowned architect Paolo Soleri, to pick up one of his famous bells. We swung around to view the Montezuma Castle, a cliff dwelling where a tribe of Sinagua Indians lived. We then visited a western town reproduction in Cottonwood where you can get a complete dinner and cowboy show in one sitting.

We have seen more in a years time than we saw in ten elsewhere. We have visited an ostrich farm outside of Tucson, walked safely at night through downtown Phoenix for a Sun's basketball game, cross country skied in Flagstaff, and horseback rode through a Saquaro cactus forest. By now you would think we are close to exhausting Arizona's resources. Hardly. It is just like our neighbors said. We haven't begun. Let's see, I am planning to visit Nogales on the border of Mexico to pick up some great bargains. Then I want to visit Lake Havasu on my way to Las Vegas. Well, you get the idea.

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