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African Safari Adventure

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In the remote eastern corner of Botswana, at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, lies an area known historically as the Tuli enclave - a diverse wilderness of savannah, riverine forests, marshland, open plains and sandstone outcrops. The reserve name is derived from the magnificent Mashatu trees, which are prevalent throughout this immense tract of privately owned land. Mashatu is also the home to no less than seven of Africa's giants: the African elephant, the lion, the giraffe, the baobab tree, the eland, the ostrich, and the kori bustard. It is fitting therefore, that some 75,000 acres/30,000 hectares of pristine game land be set aside for these unique, prodigious features of this exhilarating continent.

It's here that you will experience a unique and spectacular safari experience ' and many would argue that you have not lived until you have cycled in the Land of the Giants!

Head out early morning and late afternoon - push yourself to your physical limits on ancient elephant-trodden pathways, over rough gravel, and through cool streams of water. In a land as diverse as Mashatu, you are guaranteed new mediums and trails around every corner. The panoramic vistas are enhanced ten-fold as your adrenalin courses through your veins.

Your safety is secured in the hands of the armed rangers who head-and-tail the team of cyclists ' and who remain in radio contact with a support vehicle which travels a close distance behind (and out of earshot of) the cyclists at all times.

Mashatu Game Reserve, an area of history and legend, offers some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa. It is a place of exceptional beauty where one can explore the rugged, unspoiled African landscapes guided by experienced rangers and trackers. In addition to the game experience, Mashatu offers a view of Africa, unchanged since the days of early visitors such as Kipling, Selous and artist/explorer Sir Thomas Baines. Historic and archeological sites abound; notable are the Motloutse Ruins and the Pitsani Koppie sites.

The excitement of Mashatu has not changed over time. It is still home to large herds of elephant, prides of lion and cheetah. Along the river courses, huge Mashatu trees provide shade for eland, impala, wildebeest, giraffe and zebra, whilst at night, the bat eared fox, African wild cat and the magnificent leopard search for prey. Some 350 species of birds may be seen. Mashatu Game Reserve proudly provides a refuge for the largest single population of elephant on privately-owned land in Africa. Known as the relic herds of Shashe, these elephants are the last living testament to the great herds that once populated the meandering Limpopo valley. Today the population on Mashatu Game Reserve alone, is estimated to number in excess of 700.

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The wildlife experience at Mashatu is personalized. Dedicated and experienced Tswana rangers and trackers are keen to show you their world. The Cycle Teams set out at dawn and again at dusk in search of the diverse variety of fauna and flora which abound throughout the reserve.

The richness of the Mashatu experience has been considerably enhanced with the continuous development of new adventure activities, like the unique Cycle Safari. The bush may now be enjoyed from the added vantage points of mountain bike and on foot.

Whether you visit Mashatu for the excitement of the big game viewing, the relaxation of unspoilt Africa, the adrenalin of adventure in the wild or to simply experience a pace of life that beats to the rhythm of a different drum ' your Safari Expedition will change your life!

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