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A Little Color Here and There Makes The Hawaiian Shirt Exciting

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What good would a trip to Hawaii be without picking up an authentic Hawaiian shirt' Or, an "Aloha shirt" as native Hawaiians like to call them.

The Hawaiian shirt we know and love today was created from a combination of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, native Hawaiian, and American fashion influences.

All of these influences came together in the 1930s to create a shirt that put colorful native prints on silk fabric, with American-style tailoring.

The shirts became an instant hit on the islands, and when movie stars and other Hollywood celebrities began wearing the colorful shirts in movies and on the Mainland, the Hawaiian shirt exploded in popularity.

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Now it's hard to imagine Hawaii without the colorful printed Aloha shirts. When you're ready to buy yours, be sure to look for the "made in Hawaii" label so that you know you're getting an authentic Hawaiian shirt.

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