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A Guide to Taking Your Dream Amazon Cruise!

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A stately spruce and cottonwood forest thick with ferns and shrubs gives a visitor few clues .....
An Amazon cruise is the ultimate jungle adventure. Fromthe endless green carpet of tree tops that make up therainforest to the exotic wildlife that inhabits the waters ofthe mighty Amazon River, an Amazon cruise will revealan awe-inspiring ecosystem that is both captivating andeducational..

If you've ever wanted to see herds of pink dolphins in theirnatural habitat, or uncover unique medicinal plants foundnowhere else in the world, an Amazon cruise could be justthe type of vacation that you are looking for !

When choosing your Amazon cruise you'll find that youare presented with two distinct choices of cruisevacation. If you're looking to tour the Amazon from thecomfort of a large luxury cruise liner, Amazon cruisesleaving from the city of Manaus in the heart of theAmazon Rainforest are ideal..

Manaus, at the confluence of the Negro and Amazon Riversrepresents the furthest point upstream that large Amazon cruiseliners can venture. Here, the Amazon is 11kms wide, and it isthe main port from where many of the larger cruise liners set sail..

The second Amazon cruise option offers travelers theopportunity to explore the head of the Amazon River inEastern Peru. Here, some 6,000kms west of the River'sexit point into the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon
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ecosystem is at its most diverse..

The river is much narrower here, so Amazon cruise crafts aresmaller, taking the form of riverboats with a capacity to hold nomore than 50 or 60 passengers. The favored port of departure andreturn on a Peru Amazon cruise is located at the city of Iquitos.Most passengers arrive at Iquitos by air on an internal flight fromLima - the capital of Peru..

An unforgettable adventure No matter where your Amazon cruisedeparts from, what you'll see and hear along the way will dazzle,entertain and often render you speechless! You could take in ashore excursion where you'll meet a local shaman in a remoteAmazonian village, or perhaps you'll go trekking in the jungle on aquest to discover rare species of plant and animal..

From the cruise boat too the Amazon is full of surprises! Imaginecoming face to face with the smallest monkey in the world as itdangles from a tree branch close to your boat, or watching themesmerizing display of a shimmering six-foot Golden Douradaone of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world. It really doesmake for an unforgettable experience..

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