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A Digital Camera - How do you know which is best?

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If you are planning to choose a new digital camera, you need to know which digital camera would be the best for you, and that will involve a consideration of the various specifications of the different digital cameras on the market today.

Do you know how many megapixels and which lens type would suit you' Hmmm, no need to look worried. This article is especially dedicated to cater to all your questions for choosing an appropriate digital camera for yourself. After reading this article, you would certainly be able to make a wise decision on purchasing a digital camera. So read on!

As your needs and requirements of a digital camera would be different from your photographer friend, let us categorize your needs of a camera in different forms. The categorization has been done considering in mind the appropriate configuration of a digital camera which would be best for your segment of requirements. So let us take a look.
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The Snap Clicker
Well if you are a snap clicker, you would be in a habit of clicking endless photographs. Being a snap clicker, you would be looking for a camera that makes the sharing of the pictures quite easy on the internet. You need a camera that makes the email of the pictures viable for you. For these purposes, you would like to buy a camera which has easy usage and easy handlings. You would also like to get good image quality of an 8x10 inch size. You would like to use a standard inkjet printer and want a camera which you could take anywhere.

So if you are a snap clicker, you should choose a camera with a 3 megapixel resolution. The price of the camera should be around $150-$500. The lens type zoom range should be at least 38mm-114mm. it should have an internal memory compatible with compact flash cards, memory stick and even secure digital card. The image should be stored as JPEG file format. It should be compatible to your computer and the data transfer should be compatible with a USB cable. The focus control and flash modes should be automatic and should have video clip recording with sound option.

Business User
Now if you are a professional user, you would be looking for a camera which can bring real time quality to your images. You have to use cameras for clicking product photographs for advertisements and official use in the office. You want to post the photographs on the internet, with excellent quality. You would like to take out your print outs on the latest laser color printer and want to impress your boss with the exquisite quality of images.

Well, if you are a business user, a 7.0 or greater megapixel camera should solve your purpose very easily. The sensors should be large as to reduce noise. The optical zoom should vary from 6x-8x and should cover a 24-120mm equivalent focus range. The LCD screen should be at least 2 inches color screen which could swivel at least 270 degrees.

It should be a category of SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. The white balance modes should be 9 with a manual setting mode. There should be an in-built flash and exposure settings. The ISO settings should vary from 160- 1,600. The camera should have color saturation, brightness and contrast settings. The in-built memory should support all flash cards and the images should be capable of being stored as JPEG, RAW or TIFF format. It should be DPOF compatible and PictBridge compatible. The data transfer should be done via a USB cable. The price of the camera should be around $3000-$5000.
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So if you find yourself in any of the above two categories, you can choose from the recommended configurations and enjoy clicking pictures, the way you want.

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